The Benefits of Valplast Over Cast Metal Partial Dentures

The Benefits of Valplast Over Cast Metal Partial Dentures

When it comes to removable partial dentures, it has been a nature for dental schools to teach in a dogmatic fashion. The design and function were stressed which makes the esthetic being ignored. However, through time, many dentists have learned that patients would sometimes refuse to wear their unaesthetic partials and were being replaced by maxillary anterior teeth.

Today, with the rapid technological advances in esthetic materials and the techniques used in fixed prosthodontics, patients are requiring the removable prosthesis to achieve the esthetic results when replacing their missing teeth. For people who have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, you’re probably looking for a suitable way of replacing them. One of the most popular ways of replacing them is with removable partial dentures, which are inexpensive and effective. There partial dentures tend to either have a metal framework that is covered with acrylic. This is called Valplast (Flexible Partial Denture), which is a partial denture that is made out of a flexible nylon material.

So what are the benefits of Valplast over Cast Metal Partial Dentures?

Valplast dentures are made out of a nylon resin that is designed to blend in with the patient’s natural gum color so that they blend in making it virtually unnoticeable. Also, it does not require any unsightly metal claps to hold them in place because of the gum colored clasps that make it less visible. The color, shape and design of it blends in seamlessly with the natural appearance of the gum tissues which makes the prosthesis nearly invisible. The strong, durable clasps can snap securely and comfortably into place around the existing gum. Because the strength of the Valplast resin does not require a metal framework, it eliminates the metallic tastes that a lot of patients complain about. In simple terms, the dentures are thin and flexible which makes it easier to wear and unbreakable. Because of its flexibility, it allows the denture to adapt to the shape of the mouth which makes it easier to speak and eat properly, increasing the self-confidence of the patient.


When it comes to the resin material used to create the gums, it has a lifetime warranty against fractures and breakages which has been proven and tested by the manufacturers. It is also stain resistant and it’s a perfect choice for anyone who currently suffers from allergies because it does not contain any harsh chemicals that are commonly found in denture acrylics.

For patients who will be wearing partials for the first time, we recommend using Valplast instead.