How Botox Can Help Fix Your Gummy Smile

How Botox Can Help Fix Your Gummy Smile

How Botox Can Help Fix Your Gummy Smile

Gummy smile is used to describe extra display of your gums when you smile This can cause someone to feel self-conscious and seek treatment. Read more to learn how botox can help fix your gummy smile.



A lot of possible solutions may be out in the market or in the field of dental practice, but today we’re going to talk about using botox for dental problems, specially gummy smiles. Treating a gummy smiles this way is not a problem and can be very effective. By taking advantage of this solution, expect to have your confidence level increased.

But what causes this gingival smile, also known as a gummy smile? The cause of an excessive display of gums is when the eruption patterns in the upper jaw or the maxilla is less than the ideal. So, what happens is that the teeth may appear smaller than they actually are.

Now, let’s zoom in to see what’s really happening inside. These abnormal patterns of eruption have caused the gum tissue to appear more than the usual. The upper lip muscle becomes hyperactive causing the lip to rise higher upon movement, such as the moment your smile and perform other functions.

Although there are other causes of having a gummy smile, the shape and size of your teeth and the facial muscles are to name a few. But, the different eruption patterns that are no longer ideal are to be blamed.


Fixing a Gummy Smile

If you think botox is just for the skin, think again. In order to fix a gummy smile, botox allows the muscles involved to relax, which raises the upper lip to a level higher above the upper teeth. Once this is completed, you should be able to see more teeth. Getting rid of the gummy tissue issue is not just for beauty enhancement, but for comfort and boosting of confidence. Eating and speaking will no longer are a problem. If you suffer from dental anxiety there’s nothing you should worry about because this treatment improves periodontal health, it’s quick and most of all, painless and effective.

Reading how the treatment process is applied may seem to be complex. Dental practices know well how to handle these patients, contact us now for more information on how you can improve your smile. After the treatment, you will definitely be confident enough to smile and show more of that pearly white teeth.