How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

How to Deal with Dental Anxiety

Can you name someone who loves to visit the dentist? Probably not. There are only few people who anticipate their dental visit. As a matter of fact, a recent studied showed that only 20% of people actually want to go to the dentist. So what about the remaining 80%? They have to deal with dental anxiety every time they call to make an appointment. So, how do you deal with dental anxiety right before you walk in the dental practice?

At Angelic Smiles, we’ve put together a list of ideas that may help you relieve your fear before your dentist visit. Here are some tips on how to deal with dental anxiety.


#1: Be honest

You may have heard that “honesty is the best policy”. Maybe there’s truth in this statement. It’s always better to be honest and talk to your dentist and tell them that you’re nervous about your visit. Once your doctor has an idea, you can begin to create a strategy of your own. Don’t be shy, ask your dentist what procedure they’re going to perform on you and how it’s going to be done. Some patients like when their doctor explains the whole process to them. Knowing what the end results will be is a good way to get rid of your anxiety.


#2: TV, Music or Radio can help

Believe it or not, watching TV or listening to music soothes your feelings and prevents you from feeling nervous. Bring your headphones to plug in your phone and listen to your favorite music. How about a podcast? Listening to podcasts and other people having conversations about subjects you’re interested in will definitely distract you. You can also turn on the radio and listen to a radio show, or a live game of your favorite sport.


#3: Bring a family or friend

If watching TV or listening to music just isn’t enough to get rid of your anxiety, bring a friend or family member with you. Loneliness can be one of the reasons patients become anxious. Most of the time, your friends or family will distract you and make you feel comfortable and happy. Dental anxiety can be controlled by no one else but you. Learn how to cope with this problem.

At Angelic Smiles Dental Spa, our mail goal is to improve the lives of those we serve. We accomplish this as we provide compassionate, gentle and high-quality care in an environment that removes patients’ fear of the dentist. As a team, we will inspire trust, peace and hope for our patients by listening to their needs, providing constant communication, and treating them as we would want to be treated. Our patient-focused approach and genuine personalities will help our patients feel valued, cared for and at ease. The end result will be a successfully growing practice creating a positive mindset about dentistry for its patients and the community.