The Power of a Stroke Hero

The Power of a Stroke Hero

May is National Stroke Awareness Month in the United States. It was created to promote public awareness and reduce the incidence of stroke in the United States. This is a great reminder of how important it is to know what should be done in order to prevent an inevitable event to happen. Aspirin may be there to stop your first stroke, but it is important to be equipped and have these 5 essentials a stroke hero must have.


Weapon # 1: Be physically active

The best way to improve your fitness level and health is to keep on moving. In other words, having an active lifestyle changes your metabolism. A faster metabolism allows stroke to turn its back on you.


Weapon #2: Smoking is killing you

If you love smoking, now is the best time to quit. Otherwise, tobacco will slowly clog your blood vessels making your heart to pump more than the usual. The tar sticks to your skin and stays insides of your lungs. With nicotine and tar, there are a lot of diseases linked to smoking cigarettes, such as throat cancer, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease and more.


Weapon #3: Maintain a healthy weight

Whether you like it or not, weight matters. No matter how active your lifestyle is and even threw that pack of cigarettes, aiming for a healthy weight drives stroke away.


Weight #4: Heart-healthy eating choices

In the morning, eat like a king. For lunch, eat like a prince. And lastly, for dinner, you have to eat like a pauper. Challenge yourself to choose wisely, you have to choose only those heart-healthy eating foods.



Weight #5: Manage stress

Learn how to take control. You are the bearer of your body, therefore, you must learn how to get rid of stress whenever there is a need to.


Consider this a challenge. If you have not tried a certain kind of diet, have the courage to transform yourself to become a stroke hero. Remember, you only get one body, take care of it.