Exam, Cleaning, and Gum Therapy


Based upon the results of the comprehensive examination, the type of cleaning is determined to be a Prophy, Full Mouth Debridement, or Scaling and Root Planing.


Prophy:  No bleeding and hard plaque (calculus).  Healthy Gum Cleaning
Full Mouth Debridement:  Bone Loss may or may not be present.  Calculus is present.  Bleeding gums.  Generalized cleaning with irrigation of the gum with medication.  Presence of Gum Disease: Reversible Gingivitis or Irreversible Periodontitis
Scaling and Root Planing:  Bone Loss, Calculus, Bleeding gums present.  Periodontitis


If no bleeding or inflammation is visible at the exam, a Prophy is treatment planned in which is a health gum cleaning.  If the gums are bleeding when checked and/or hard plaque (calculus) is present, a Full Mouth Debridement in which is a generalized moderate cleaning is treatment planned.  Irrigation of the gums with medication is also done to aid in the healing of your gums.  If bone loss and Periodontal Disease is present Scaling and Root Planing  with 3-4 month Periodontal Maintenance is recommended.  Scaling and Root Planing is a deep cleaning with anesthesia to keep you comfortable during the procedure and irrigation with medication to help your gums heal.  Laser Gum Therapy and Arestin are used to decrease the amount of bacteria in the periodontal pockets and the depth of the pockets.  Arestin is a Time released antibiotic microsphere placed in the space in between the tooth and the gum.  Laser gum therapy works by killing the bacteria that causes gum disease.  Along with cleaning the root surfaces, the pockets heal and reduce in depth.  This treatment is recommended if periodontal pockets 5mm or greater are present and bleeding. Laser gum surgery can help to cover exposed roots due to shrinking gums.  If you suffer from generalized sensitivity when you drink or eat cold foods this may help you tremendously.   Maintaining a health clean mouth will improve your overall health and help you to keep your teeth for many years to come.  Studies show there is a link between Periodontal Disease and an Increase of Heart Attacks and Strokes. That’s why it is very important to get an annual check-up and cleaning.