Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth

Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth


There ARE many reasons why tooth loss occurs, such as age, cancer, injury or gum disease. Regardless of the reasons, you should know that it has a significant impact on your life if you decide to not replace your missing tooth.

We all know that having missing teeth makes you appear older, but do you know what really happens if you don’t replace a missing tooth? We’ve put together a list of the long term risks of not replace a missing tooth.

1. Bone Loss

Bone loss, also known as bone resorption, is one of the most significant dangers of not replacing a missing tooth. It occurs after a tooth is gone because its natural roots are no longer embedded into the jawbone, leaving a void. The jawbone will then begin to deteriorate over time. It does not only impact on the missing tooth but it also puts risk on neighboring teeth. The shape of your face will change gradually and your lips may appear asymmetrical and sunken. Also, this tooth loss can increase the chance of developing gum disease in the area of the missing tooth.

2. Reduced ability to speak clearly and eat certain foods

Of course, if you have a missing tooth, there will be a reduced ability to eat certain types of food. Depending on the missing tooth, it may become difficult for you to bite and chew certain foods. This is because you overuse your other teeth to compensate for the missing tooth. In the long run, this can lead to diminished health and poor nutrition.

If the missing tooth if the front tooth, it can impact the way you speak and your ability to clearly pronounce words. You may also develop a lisp or change the way you pronounce certain words.

3. Reduced self-esteem

A missing tooth will eventually reduce your self-esteem. Especially for people who have a missing front tooth because it can be seen when you smile, eat or speak. Some people will eventually avoid smiling, eating or speaking in public. It will have a significant impact on your life.

Replacing a missing tooth does not only benefit your personal appearance but it has different impacts on your health. Your confidence will be restored once you decide to get dental implants.